Ontario Hardwood Co., Inc.

190 West Ontario Road

Keysville, VA 23947 USA

Manufacturers of Grade Hardwood Lumber

Ontario Hardwood Co., Inc. is a grade hardwood sawmill with a dry kiln facility.

The sawmill started in 1977 and the original dry kilns were built in 1998 with additional dry kilns added in 2001. Ontario Hardwood Co., Inc. looks forward to eventually moving the sawmill facility, currently in Ontario, VA, adjacent to the dry kiln facility in the Charlotte County Industrial Park, Keysville, VA.


Ontario Hardwood Co., Inc. purchases grade hardwood logs, both as standing timber and gate logs, and saws those logs into green lumber which is then sold or sent to the Ontario Hardwood Dry Kiln facility to be kiln dried for future sales. Our major customers are millwork operations, furniture and flooring operations throughout the eastern seaboard.


Ontario Hardwood Co., Inc. uses computer guided lasers to saw logs on its band headrig saw. The lumber then moves through the rest of the sawmill operation on a custom designed carriage system. Once the lumber reaches the green chain, it is sorted and hand packed according to its final destination.


Upon arrival at the Ontario Hardwood Dry Kiln facility the green lumber is sorted and stacked to be loaded into the steam kilns for drying. Once dried, the lumber is sorted and bundled for shipment to our customers.


The Ontario Hardwood Dry Kilns are powered by a wood (sawdust) fired boiler that was put online in 2006. Ontario Hardwood Co., Inc. burns its own waste product, sawdust, to heat the dry kilns. Other waste byproducts including chips, dust and bark are sold to other companies to be used for additional energy sources, pulp in making paper products and landscaping materials.


Ontario Hardwood Co., Inc. uses computer guided technology throughout its manufacturing process to maximize its yield and provide the best possible product for our customers.


Ash    Maple    Poplar    Red Oak    White Oak


Grade hardwood sawmill


Ring Debarker
Rosser Head Debarker
Perceptron Laser Scanning Band Headrig
HiTech Optimized Edger
Line Bar Resaw


12 million board feet per year


Dry Kiln

Built in 1998 near the Charlotte County Industrial Park


Eight SII Dry Kilns - 200,000 board feet capacity
Morris Softac Sorter
Strapping Station - Designed and built by OHC

Hurst Wood Waste Boiler


8 million board feet dried per year

Located in Keysville, VA USA
80 miles South West of
Richmond, VA USA
45 miles East of
South Boston, VA USA
75 miles South East of
Lynchburg, VA USA
90 miles North of
Raleigh, NC USA